Strategy and Planning

Assessment, Research, Implementation, Measurement, Return on Investment, Brand Workshops, Campaign Strategy, Project Management, Account Management, Information Architecture, Integration, Digital Channels, Media Buying, Socialisation, Competitor Analysis, Sector Benchmarking.

Web and Mobile Marketing

Websites, E-Commerce, Content Management Systems (CMS), E-marketing Broadcasts, Intranets, Extranets, iPhone Apps, iPad Apps, Online Surveys, Interactive Workshops, Flash, Viral Games, Webinar Management, SMS, Text Keywords, SMS Competitions, Display & Banner Advertising, Audio & Podcasts.

Performance Management

Usability and accessibility, Web analytics, Audience research, Project management, SEO

Social Media

Social Networks, Blogs, Social Media Training, Wikis, Viral Marketing

Data Management

Secure Managed Hosting, Databases, System Design and Development, Process Assessment, Business Consultancy.

Content Creation

Design, Copywriting, Photography, Illustration, Video, Animation, Mobile Advertising, Mobile Content

Techie stuff. Content creation stuff. Or full-kit-and-caboodle kind of stuff. In truth, there's nothing digital where we haven't some very happy clients.