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  1. Art vs the iPod generation

    Art vs the iPod generation

    It’s often said that the web offers bigger and better opportunities for musicians to be creative, stand out and be heard. Sadly one of the areas that didn’t grow with the iPod generation is album art.

    Great albums were always remembered by their sleeve. The cover expressed the emotion of the record along with the image of the band. We would love to see labels and online retailers such as Amazon and Apple find new ways for fans to access and enjoy art which contributes so much to the album experience.

    The devices that we enjoy music on provide a roadblock for design but smaller screens and simple technology must be made to accommodate art before it becomes a forgotten world.

    There are a number of iconic designs that will be always remembered and we thought it would be fun to put together our ‘most memorable’ album sleeve designs at LHM. Just how could the following covers and inlays be enjoyed in a digital format? Do give us your thoughts.

    The Cribs-Men’s Needs




    Dark Side Of The Moon - Pink-Floyd





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