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  1. Cookie Update: Be prepared for May Deadline

    Cookie Update: Be prepared for May Deadline

    UK companies have had a year to get themselves and their websites ready to stand up and be counted by the Information Commissioner’s Office and its power to enforce the European Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) (Amendment) Regulations 2011 or Cookie Law.

    On May 26th the amended 2003 Regulations bring new legal obligations to website owners that could result in a devastating fine of £500,000 if they are found to be non-compliant.

    At LHM we’ve  been busy researching, testing, auditing and implementing to ensure that our clients are prepared and ready for the deadline later this month.

    By undertaking an audit of the cookies used on our client’s sites, what those cookies are and what they do, we have been able to offer a solution that provides for the Regulations when they come into force.

    The solution seeks to inform website visitors about the use and nature of cookies present and offers them the choice to opt-out of having third party cookies stored on their devices.

    We have also provided advice and best practice upon updating Cookie and Privacy Policies on site which goes further to inform about types of cookies and their uses plus offers information about disabling cookies from within browsers.

    With just 26 days to go to ensure your site is complaint, take a look at the following resources to make sure you know your legal obligations:
    The Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) (Amendment) Regulations 2011
    Information Commissioner’s Office
    International Chamber of Commerce

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