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  1. LHM look further with parallax

    LHM look further with parallax

    Full-service market research consultancy ideas + visions felt their website wasn’t meeting its potential and, more importantly, wasn’t showing visitors the company’s potential as an industry leader. Although the site was nice enough, it lacked any visible branding and needed help standing out from a typically corporate and straight-laced crowd. Enter LHM.

    This brief was not dissimilar to many our fine team here undertake on a regular basis. The ladies and gents at ideas + visions wanted their new website to be visually stunning and incorporate an element of movement that engaged with visitors. It had to be imaginative while still conveying the message that the company was a knowledgeable and experienced player in a complex field.

    Quite often, it’s the simplest ideas that create the biggest impact. This was definitely the case here. We took on board what ideas + visions told us about their core offering – how they go deeper, think bigger, work smarter, look further, see clearer and aim higher; and we represented these qualities through stunning, parallax-scrolling visuals. The result is not only visually illuminating, but also houses information that is key to placing the company at the forefront of the industry.

    The beautiful new site is fully mobile optimised and also features video elements, a blog and a client login facility.   Take a look at it here – it’s really rather good.

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